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Alexis Arquette Dead: Chilling Video Of Death Preparation Leaked

Alexis Arquette Dead: Chilling Video Of Death Preparation Leaked
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Alexis Arquette Dead: Chilling Video Of Death Preparation Leaked

Several videos have surfaced which show Alexis Arquette, the actress and transgender rights activist who died on September 11 as a result of an AIDS-related attack, sharing details of her own death and talking about afterlife. The videos give the impression that she had been preparing herself for death.

The Radar Online obtained several videos of Arquette, 47, and in one such videos she could be seen speaking about death and her idea of the afterlife.

“Why try to figure out something that you are never gonna know? It’s futile,” Arquette said to friend Sham Ibrahim. “Anybody who spends their time on this… even those who write books, and philosophers and religious people are wasting my time and yours. It is just making up stories. What if it’s that? What if it’s this? Great. You don’t know until you are dead.”

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When Ibrahim asked Arquette what she thinks about life after death, the actress replied it was like a “tear in the ocean.”

“I think if there is life beyond life it is whatever you expected it to be,” she said. “If I was a gamble lady and I wanted to make a bet on what life would be like after death, it is sort of like a tear in the ocean.”

She added that she doesn’t see herself as a ghost, trying to make her presence feel by being in the limbo.

According to a report by the Hollywood Reporter, Alexis Arquette spent her last days living as a man, striving to make ends meet. “She was rightfully angry that she should have had the success and notoriety that comes with being such a talented actor and being born into a family that presents the opportunity,” said one of the closest friends of the activist.

Arquette was dealing with the problems relating to her rapidly progressing HIV for a long time. She had contracted the virus over two decades ago but remained ignorant towards the pleas of her friends and family to take the life-saving drugs for AIDS that were coming out every year.

She left several instructions for her family to be followed during her last moments. She wanted David Bowie’s ‘Starman’ to be playing as her final moments approached. She also wanted everyone who would be around her during her final moments to cheer when she passes into another dimension with the last breath passing through her lips.


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