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Who is Alexandria Vera? Teacher Impregnated By 13-Year-Old Student

Who is Alexandria Vera? Teacher Impregnated By 13-Year-Old Student
Alexandria Vera


Who is Alexandria Vera? Teacher Impregnated By 13-Year-Old Student

Texas middle school teacher, Alexandria Vera, 24, turned herself in after going on the run for sexual abuse charges. The middle school teacher carried on a romantic relationship with her 13-year-old  eighth-grade English student, and then got pregnant. Reportedly, the boy’s family is very accepting of the situation. But the laws aren’t.

A warrant was issued to Alexandria Vera’s arrest on Tuesday. The teacher however, seems to have vanished immediately without a trace, as reported by the New York Post. Vera my have went on a run as investigation closed in.

Court documents obtained by ABC 13 detailed that the teacher and the student’s romance started last summer at Stovall Middle School in Houston.

Reportedly, the boy, now 14, skipped class for a day, which worried her. She asked about him on Instagram and the boy promptly wanted her number, which she gave.

Later, the boy asked her to hang out, which she willingly agreed to. After she got the invite, she went to the boy’s house when his parents were not around the very next day. There, they had sex for the first time.

Their sexual activities started to take place on a daily basis, especially since the boy’s parents were very accepting of their relationship. Not only did the parents accept them, they allowed the boy to spend the night at Vera’s home in Spring. She often drove the kid off during the morning where he would catch the bus to the school.

They did not bother hiding their relationship. Although they never told anyone at school, students said they were flirting blatantly. “He grabbed her butt and everyone saw it,” one student told ABC. “And then they were talking about it.”

Neighbors also noticed how close they were.  “That kid was always over (Vera’s house in Spring, Texas,) and she always told (neighbors) it was her brother,” a neighbor told WFAA-ABC.

Vera also said that when she got pregnant in January, the parents became even more welcoming. However, she was compelled to abort the baby when a child welfare investigator started to question her.

The teacher has already been removed from her job, school officials confirmed. Vera reportedly has a five-year old daughter.

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