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Alexandria Duval Accused Of Murdering Her Twin

Alexandria Duval Accused Of Murdering Her Twin
Alexandria Duval Maui Police Department


Alexandria Duval Accused Of Murdering Her Twin

The Maui Police Department said that on Friday, they had placed Alexandria Duval under arrest. She is currently being charged with second-degree murder for the death of her sister Anastasia Duval, who had died in a vehicle accident on May 29, Sunday. Now, police suspect that Alexandria had intentionally crashed the car in order to kill her sister.

In a statement from the Maui Police Department, the twin’s 2016 Ford Explorer MPVH was traveling South on Hana Highway when it crashed into a rock wall on the roadway’s Makai side. Upon contact, the Explorer fell 200 feet down the side of the cliff and landed on a rocky shoreline.

Following the accident, Alexandria was medi-vaced to Maui Memorial Medical Center and was said to have been in a critical condition. Meanwhile, Anastasia was pronounced dead at the scene.

When interviewed by investigators, witnesses said the two sisters were having a fight inside the vehicle. The tension between the two women had become escalated that the passenger was reportedly pulling the driver’s hair. At the time of the accident, Anastasia was the passenger, while Alexandria was behind the wheel.

At the same time, NBC News reports that probable cause documents indicate that the driver appeared to be angry while behind the wheel. Moreover, the air-bag control module in the Duval twin’s Ford Explorer showed that the brakes were not engaged before the car accelerated.

According to a report from Hawaii News Now, Alexandria and Anastasia were twins. They were the owners of the Twin Power Yoga studios in Florida where they operate as Alison and Ann Dadow. In 2014, the pair had abruptly closed their studios then re-emerged in Utah where they claimed bankruptcy.

Afterwards, both Alexandria and Anastasia decided to relocate to Hawaii. Last December, the sisters were arrested in Maui for disorderly conduct as well as terroristic threatening. After they failed to shop up for court proceedings, bench warrants for the sisters were issued. According to records, Alexandria and Anastasia had also been previously arrested for public intoxication.

Today, Alexandria is being treated as a flight risk and is being held without bail. A preliminary hearing has been set for Wednesday.

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