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Aleppo Evacuation: Children Hungry And Freezing, Everyone Stranded

Aleppo Evacuation: Children Hungry And Freezing, Everyone Stranded
Syrian man carries the body of a victim Freedom House / Flickr cc


Aleppo Evacuation: Children Hungry And Freezing, Everyone Stranded

Deadly airstrikes and mortar bombings might have ceased in Aleppo, Syria, but the children there are still in danger. Their lives hang in the balance as the Aleppo evacuation program hit a roadblock.

Russia agreed to cease fire the previous week to allow the civilians a safe passage out of Aleppo. The Assad regime even agreed to aid the suffering people as they evacuate the crumbing north Syrian city.

Aleppo evacuation stalled.

The agreement was honored for all of 48 hours during which more 10,000 people were evacuated from east Aleppo. However, active evacuation was soon halted on Friday night and is yet to resume.

Syrian and Iranian forces have demanded that civilians be released from Shia villages of Kefraya and al-Foua in Aleppo, which is under siege of the rebels.

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While the rebels have refused to surrender, the governmental regime has refused to continue evacuating the rest of the people in Aleppo until their demands are met.

Men, women and children watched their homes being blown to pieces now flank the streets, uncertain about their fate.

They had queued up near evacuation buses in the hopes of getting relieved of the hell that Aleppo has become. But at sub-zero temperature, with no protection against harsh winter, they remain in the danger of freezing to death.

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With children freezing, parents tasked with impossible decision.

The children stranded in the streets are the ones most threatened by the less than favorable development. Parents are desperately trying their best to burn rubbish and keep their young ones warm, reports The Telegraph.

But their options are limited as seeking shelter in nearby still-intact building would mean losing their spot in the queue. On the other hand, there are children who are injured and in need of medical attention and proper nutrition. In that case, waiting for the bus transport to resume might not be the best idea.

“The weather is so cold,” Abdulkafi al-Hamdo, a teacher trapped in eastern Aleppo with his young daughter, told the BBC. “The children are so hungry they are crying. They are freezing. Most of them here are scared of a brutal end to the ceasefire.”

Over 50,000 civilians are still waiting to get evacuated from eastern Aleppo.

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