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Aging A Disease: Age Reversal Might Be Possible

Aging A Disease: Age Reversal Might Be Possible
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Aging A Disease: Age Reversal Might Be Possible

Up until now, aging is considered a natural phenomenon. However, the idea of treating age as a disease gained traction for the past few years.

Now the scientific community is said to be looking into ways to treat aging symptoms, thus extending life.

Can we really treat aging?

Many people today argue that aging is just a damage done to the body in the process of sustaining through life.

These natural wear and tear effects can surely be undone and stopped. According to a Futurism report, British biologist Aubrey de Grey believes that symptoms of aging has solutions, just like other diseases have.

But the problem is that we have not yet found any perfect solution.

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Grey believes that aging is a result of aggregation of garbage material which our cells are unable to breakdown.

Grey and his team hypothesized that the answer is the decomposition of dead bodies.

Is aging a curable disease?

What can be more soothing to the people who want to defy age and do not want to look aged? Well, the good news is that aging is a curable disease!

More scientists today are performing researches to undo the damage caused by aging and supply deficiencies.

According to a November report from The Scientist, both “natural” and “pathologic” are used to describe the aging process.

Recently, an ongoing clinical trial was reported wherein blood plasma from young people were transfused into Alzheimer’s patients. Lab tests on mice showed promising results. Old mice improved their physical performance as well as cognitive functions.

So, there are many evidences which prove that aging is a curable disease though, more studies still need to be done in this field.

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