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After the Ban on Twitter, Turkey Reportedly Plans to Block YouTube Next

After the Ban on Twitter, Turkey Reportedly Plans to Block YouTube Next


After the Ban on Twitter, Turkey Reportedly Plans to Block YouTube Next

The Turkish government’s social media crackdown continues. After blocking the access in the country to Twitter, Turkey is expected to ban YouTube next. Just like Twitter, YouTube could be facing the consequences of not giving in to the requests and demands of Turkish regulators.

According to well-placed sources, Turkey has already communicated a request to YouTube to pull out all videos on the Website that allege corruption in the current administration. To date, the video-sharing site owned by Google Inc has already confirmed having received such a request. It also revealed that it has refused to give in to that demand.

Thus, YouTube itself has the belief that it would also be banned soon in Turkey. Several employees of the company have admitted that they now feel a threat regarding that issue.

Not the first time

It can be recalled that Turkey has already banned YouTube several times. Thus, if ever it would block access to the site after Twitter, the move would not be a first time for YouTube to be prohibited in the country. From 2007 to 2010, Twitter had already been banned in Turkey for several times and for different reasons.

At the heart of current issue is the Turkish government’s concern that social media sites are now being used by oppositionists and critics to disseminate information against the administration. Anyone can easily post videos on YouTube. Turkey expects the site to censor and regulate the videos that are being posted on the Website, something that YouTube does not agree with.

The Twitter incident

Turkey implemented the ban on Twitter last Thursday. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has defended the action and described it as a ‘preventive measure.’ He reiterated that the microblogging site has been used by some government critics to spread accusations of corruption against the government.

Mr. Erdogan said Twitter has already been used as a tool to facilitate systematic character assassination. He added that it did not help that Twitter don’t regulate posting of illegally acquired voice recordings, and even fabricated and fake wiretapping recordings.

Some strategic and resourceful Twitter users in Turkey have discovered accessing the site through Google’s DNS service, which is seen as a way to circumvent any media ban. But the government has already discovered that discreet access. According to sources, Twitter has just been blocked in Turkey at the IP level. Thus, using DNS servers to access it will definitely cease from working. 

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