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After Announcing ‘5’ Album, Ed Sheeran Shows Childhood In ‘Photograph’

After Announcing ‘5’ Album, Ed Sheeran Shows Childhood In ‘Photograph’
Ed Sheeran Eva Rinaldi / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


After Announcing ‘5’ Album, Ed Sheeran Shows Childhood In ‘Photograph’

After announcing the upcoming release of “5,” Ed Sheeran unveiled a new music video for “Photograph,” one of his singles in his “x” album. Emil Nava directed the video, which shows pictures of the singer from his birth up to the star he is now.

Sheeran is known to give the spotlight to other personalities in his music videos.

In “Lego House,” Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint played his doppelgänger. In “Thinking Out Loud,” Brittany Cherry was given the chance to show off her incredible dancing skills along with a timid Sheeran.

In “Photograph,” the singer himself takes all the attention by granting viewers the opportunity to see him grow up right before their eyes.

At the end of the music video, young Sheeran is seen climbing up rocks, with his dad asking him “Are you at the top of the mountain?” The scene cuts to the singer performing in front of thousands and thousands of fans.

In an interview with The Videostatic, director Emil Nava talks about directing music videos for the UK and the U.S. audience.

“It’s interesting. In England, they’re more into the artsier side, and the cooler, more technical clever videos — there’s more of a thing of making a video for a video, rather than here, where you make a video for an artist.”

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