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African Hunting: 12-year-old Boasts Killing Giraffes & Zebras [Photos]

African Hunting: 12-year-old Boasts Killing Giraffes & Zebras [Photos]
Tired but observing Tambako The Jaguar / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


African Hunting: 12-year-old Boasts Killing Giraffes & Zebras [Photos]

If you think Africa has gotten rid of merciless hunters, you’re totally wrong. Pictures of a teenage Caucasian girl is currently doing the rounds online after she flaunted carcasses of protected African wildlife from a hunting escapade with her father.

But instead of getting likes and thumbs up, as a typical teenager would for posting a selfie, she earned the ire of social media. Her posts were flooded with hate comments condemning her actions.

African Hunting

The girl, whose name will be withheld, posted dead carcasses of iconic African animals, including a giraffe, a zebra, an impala, and a wildebeest. Gut-cringing comments were posted on the girl’s Facebook wall, which remain visible as of Tuesday.

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On August 4, the girl posted a status update saying their first day hunting in Africa has been a success. Together with her status updates were a series of pictures showing a downed African Wildebeest. Each picture on the August 4 album has already received more than a thousand likes.

But hate comments are continually flooding as of posting. Commenters from all over the world using different languages expressed displeasure in the teen’s pictures of dead African animals. Some netizens also claimed that the girl’s father is a sick guy, which explains why he couldn’t tell his daughter the difference from right or wrong.

Animal Cruelty?

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“I seriously hope you have no friends, little girl. Ever heard of picking up the piano?! Or gymnastics?! Good lord,” one commenter said.

It was unclear whether the Facebook page was created by her or by someone else who wants to let the world know about the girl and her father’s actions. There was no statement of apology or any sort issued by the girl’s camp as of this moment.

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