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Affordable Care Act A Reality Despite Opposition, Says US Pres Obama

Affordable Care Act A Reality Despite Opposition, Says US Pres Obama
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Affordable Care Act A Reality Despite Opposition, Says US Pres Obama

Despite being assailed in the Supreme Court, the United States President Barack Obama said in a speech at the Catholic Health Association Conference on Tuesday that health care law under his administration has become part of reality in America and has since gained wider coverage with 14.75 million American adults being issued with policy.

The declaration came as the entire populace awaits the decision of the Supreme Court ruling on whether the subsidies received by 6.4 million Americans are legitimate. Earlier on Monday, Mr. Obama lambasted the Supreme Court saying it was the intent of the U.S. Congress to afford subsidies under federal or state exchanges. But the Supreme Court sustains the power to review laws being assailed and in this case, it is a brief phrase in an expansively written law.

Five years after its introduction to the public, the U.S. leader said the health care law has become “part of the fabric of how we care for one another. This is health care in America.”

Mr. Obama further said of the health care law: “Five years in, what we are talking about is no longer just a law, it’s no longer just a theory. It isn’t even about the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. This isn’t about myths or rumors that folks try to sustain.”

The first African-American U.S. President added that “there is a reality that people on the ground day to day are experiencing. Their lives are better.”

Unending Chicken Little Warnings

Mr. Obama’s critics were not spared in the former’s speech and described their unending chicken little warnings as “not serving” because in many ways, the Affordable Care Act turned out better than many had expected.

One feature of the health care law that garnered raging applause from the audience was about the pre-existing conditions which ordinarily would deny the insured health care coverage, but under the existing Obama Care, the said insured despite having pre-existing conditions shall not be denied coverage.

“Women can’t be charged more just for being a woman,” Mr. Obama beamed and added, “They get free preventive services like mammograms. And there are no more annual or lifetime caps on the care patients receive.”

To read the entire remarks of the president, click here.

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