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AeroMobil 3.0 Flying Car Did Not Crash

AeroMobil 3.0 Flying Car Did Not Crash
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AeroMobil 3.0 Flying Car Did Not Crash

The AeroMobil 3.0 flying car prototype made headlines when it reportedly crashed on May 8, 2015. However, Aeromobil neither denies nor confirms the crash, saying what took place was an unexpected situation that only proved the prototype is fully functional and capable of protecting its pilot.

Flying car crashes from sky

Everywhere else, headlines were saying that the flying car prototype crashed from the sky. However, in an official statement released by AeroMobil, the word “crash” was not mentioned even once.

According to the statement, the inventor and test pilot Stefan Klein “encountered an unexpected situation” on May 8. The unexpected situation opened the opportunity for Klein to “activate” or test out “the advanced ballistic parachute system in an altitude of approximately 300 meters or 900 feet.”

“The system has proved itself fully functional and landed the entire vehicle without any injury to the pilot,” AeroMobil said in its statement.

AeroMobil said that the 3.0 experimental prototype of the flying car has been undergoing analysis and testing program in the period before the May 8 incident.

“In the process of developing new vehicles, especially in the prototype phase, the possibility and likelihood of an unexpected situation is a natural part of the testing program. This is a learning period which allows us to detect and subsequently refine our design. It is necessary to test the prototype in every way possible to establish its limits and to improve on them,” the statement said.

AeroMobil said that there will be an analysis of the flight data and overall experience that arise from the incident. The result of analysis will be used by AeroMobil for the ongoing R&D and improvements of the prototype.

Flying car crashes in Slovakia

The flying car reportedly fell from the sky to a location in Slovakia, The Prague Post reported citing Slovak Pravda. Witnesses said that the flying car swirled in a tailspin with the engine in the air. However, Klein was seen almost unscathed from the incident as he reacted quickly and has managed to open the parachute.


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