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Adult Site Offers to Plant Trees in Exchange for Video Views

Adult Site Offers to Plant Trees in Exchange for Video Views


Adult Site Offers to Plant Trees in Exchange for Video Views

Adult Site Offers to Plant Trees in Exchange for Video ViewsMany organizations have launched different and creative ways to help save the environment. But who would have thought that such a noble goal could be achieved by using the popularity of pornography?

A porn site recently started a unique campaign for environmental reasons. ‘Pornhub Gives America Wood’ is how that program is called. Pornhub, a video streaming site, is logically at the helm of it.

It offers to plant a tree every time 100 videos are viewed by unique visitors. Interestingly, this campaign is intended for Arbor Day, a special holiday that encourages people to plant trees and to care for those.

Helping save the environment 

In a statement, Pornhub said it would do nothing else but what it does best to be able to give the US a service. It intends to donate a tree for every hundred videos that are viewed in its site. Thus, the more videos get to be viewed, the more trees will be planted.

Arbor Day was observed in the last Friday of April. By late afternoon of that day, the Website has committed to plant more than 12,000 trees. This means that there have been 1.2 million people that have viewed porn since the launch date. It is not clear if those or all of those users have viewed porn to support the project or to satisfy their personal preferences.

This is not the first time for Pornhub to run a holiday-themed promo. The past campaigns included giving away unlimited free mobile access to the site. But this one is definitely one of the most noteworthy and relevant from the video site.

End justifies the means

As they say, the end justifies the means. With this promo, some observers may assert that with the important and significant goal, it is just difficult to judge the way Pornhub aims to generate support for its environmental project.

However, as of press time, Pornhub is yet to clarify or state where those committed trees would be planted. It is also not clear which among the many environmental groups and organizations the company is currently planning to work with.

According to Time, the volume of support so far can be overwhelming. The magazine said that this project indicates how online users love our own environment. But skeptics argue that the support may not indicate support for the environmental concern. It could be that many online users just could not break the habit of viewing porn online.

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