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Adrian Wojnarowski: LeBron James Won’t Be Leaving Cavaliers

Adrian Wojnarowski: LeBron James Won’t Be Leaving Cavaliers
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Adrian Wojnarowski: LeBron James Won’t Be Leaving Cavaliers

Rumors were growing louder that LeBron James could leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the second time. But Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo Sports has ruled out such possibilities.

LeBron James is currently on a one-plus-one year contract with the Cavs. Wojnarowski was asked where could the superstar land if he leaves Cleveland?

“If LeBron James leaves Cleveland, here’s where he goes: infamy,” said Wojnarowski, according to Real GM. “And that’ll be the final stop of his NBA career. Absolute infamy if he left Cleveland a second time, which is why you should ignore any threats being made about him using that one-year contract to leave the Cavaliers again. Better than anyone else, James knows the consequences awaiting if he does that again and that’s why you can count on him remaining with the Cavaliers.”

The King left the Cavs way back in 2010 for Miami Heat. The Cavs team today is far better than its 2010 version, and despite their recent struggles,  they are at the top of the Eastern Conference table and are contenders to play for the finals. But that isn’t enough to stop rumors surrounding James’ future.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, all these rumors and threats could be easily ignored, because it is insane, as reports the Fansided. Has Stephen Curry’s superb form and brilliance rusted LeBron’s shine? It’s tough for James to lead the Cavs to clinch the title past the mighty Golden State Warriors. LeBron James may not be happy with the Cavs roster, but leaving Cleveland at this stage of his career would be a suicidal decision, feels Wojnarowski.

There are mild signs of LeBron James’ dissatisfaction at the Cavs. The head coach has been fired, Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love may leave the Cavs, which casts some doubts about the team’s chemistry. LeBron James might not win a title at Cleveland, which he is eyeing, but he won’t win it elsewhere also. That’s why he would stay in Cleveland.

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