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Adobe Flash Player Update For Windows, Mac, Linux Releases To Prevent Hacking, Malware Attacks

Adobe Flash Player Update For Windows, Mac, Linux Releases To Prevent Hacking, Malware Attacks
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Adobe Flash Player Update For Windows, Mac, Linux Releases To Prevent Hacking, Malware Attacks

The Adobe Flash Player update is now here and it comes with some critical bug fixes. After its vulnerabilities were exploited to target a high-profile victim, Adobe Systems quickly moved to update the software for all platforms.

The software has been one of the most popular applications to stream video content on the web. So much so that everyone who has ever used a computer knows it by name.

It is also distributed for free by Adobe which greatly contributed to its popularity. However, this in turn made it a target for hackers and its vulnerabilities have caused problems over the years. Just recently, Adobe Systems has fixed 28 vulnerabilities discovered in Flash Player alone that could have been exploited by hackers.

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According to TNH Online, the latest Adobe Flash Player Update set to address the latest problems that plagued the software. The update will come to the Flash Player on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Security Is The Focus Of The Latest Adobe Flash Player Update

Adobe Systems urged its users to update they software immediately to prevent being the target of hackers and malwares. Version is now available for Windows and Mac while version is now available for Linux users.

The company has also launched version 4.5.2 Adobe Digital Editions for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. The version fixed eight vulnerabilities that could utilize the software for remote code execution.

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Adobe AIR SDK & Compiler for Windows also received a security update. The new version also included a support for secure transmissions on Android AIR apps.

The software has been entwined into our online experience that it’s almost always taken for granted. However, users are still urged to keep up with the latest versions and always check for updates.

Security should always be a top priority when surfing the web. As the old adage says “better safe than sorry” and surely spending a few minutes to update your software can save you a ton of time and headaches. So what are you waiting for ? Get the latest Adobe Flash Player Update now!

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