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Adidas NMD US Release: Time, Place & Everything We Know So Far

Adidas NMD US Release: Time, Place & Everything We Know So Far


Adidas NMD US Release: Time, Place & Everything We Know So Far

Shoppers in the UK set up tents and camped overnight outside Foot Locker stores to buy a pair of Adidas’s new NMD shoes, released internationally in several colors.

Although the NMDs until now have been released on a limited basis – and so such frenzy is understandable – today’s is being considered a wide general release, Complex notes.

In the United States, the NMD collection will be released on, a tweet from @adidasoriginals said.

In Manchester, as many as 100 people waited outside the Foot Locker on Market Street to get their hands on the shoe’s special edition, Manchester Evening News reports. People waiting in line had even set up tents outside the store on Wednesday, according to a staff member.

Jo Zou was among those waiting outside the store. While she has already bought one pair, she said she was waiting for a second one. “I just love the design and think they are a really great looking shoe,” she said. “I had to have both color versions of the shoe.”

According to Hype DC, “Born where the present meets past adidas design and technology, the NMD crafts a brand new silhouette, bold enough to carve out its own path on the catwalks and streets of the world. The NMD emerges as a hybrid design, borrowing from progressive heritage designs of the Three Stripes such as the Micro-Pacer, Silverstar and Boston Super and integrating modern engineering into the unparalleled design. With a crisp boost™ midsole sporting alternating colorblocks on the midsole, the sock-like upper is presented in a mix of contemporary lightweight, breathable or woven textiles.”

Fifteen pairs of shoes for men, women and children are set to release in the latest drop. The shoes will be available in mesh, suede, neoprene and Primeknit, while some will even feature graphics on them. The pricing for the shoe ranges from $95 to $170.

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