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Adele Teaches Fan A Lesson, May Have Went Too Far

Adele Teaches Fan A Lesson, May Have Went Too Far
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Adele Teaches Fan A Lesson, May Have Went Too Far

Adele is one celebrity performer who wants her fans and audience to enjoy what she is doing on stage. She wants to give the best performance so that those who came to her shows are satisfied with how much they have paid for the tickets.

According to Music.Mic, the “When We Were Young” singer recently taught a fan a lesson. While in the middle of a performance, she noticed a fan set up a tripod to film her. She took the time to call out the fan and tell her to just stop filming and watch her instead.

She also said that many people outside of the venue would want to trade places with her. She told the fan to enjoy her live performance and not through the lens of the video camera.

Did she go too far by admonishing the fan in public? Her other fans did not think so!

She was applauded by the audience that seemed to agree with what she did. Adele was not only witnessed by her fans to act something she dislike but she was also openly saying nasty words in front of her fans.

In one of her earlier concerts, she uttered on the microphone, “Shit, wrong words, shit, shit, and shit. I started singing the verse…sorry.” This happened when she had a blunder with one of her songs.

The singer good-naturedly wants her fans to enjoy her show – her songs, her moves and her entire performance. Performers like Prince and Patti LuPone did the same during their concerts.

Meanwhile, Yahoo reported that the “Hello” singer has acquired a four-bedroom mansion in a gated community in LA. She cashed out a whopping $9.5 million for the 6,600 square-foot property.

Her purchase was made before rumors surfaced that she is set to sign a record-breaking singing contract with Sony. The company will release her records worldwide.  This is a feat for the mother of one who was considered by Sony as the biggest music star.

Adele is still on tour tagging along her son and sneaking every break to spend quality time with her son. Watch out for more Adele music once she inks the Sony contract.

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