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Adele Overworked? Ignores Severe Chest Inflammation For Concert Fans

Adele Overworked? Ignores Severe Chest Inflammation For Concert Fans
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Adele Overworked? Ignores Severe Chest Inflammation For Concert Fans

Adele told her audience during her concert Saturday in Birmingham, England that she was worried she had to cancel the show. Apparently, she was struggling with severe chest inflammation but chose to continue the show anyway.

Despite the condition, the “Rolling In The Deep” and “Someone Like You” singer refused to rest. The English singer kept all her concert dates and refused offers to cancel the show. Adele just took some medications in order to perform.

As reported by Yahoo, a fan captured Adele on the said concert where she revealed her condition.

“I had some steroids, right, to take the inflammation down and I was so frightened I wasn’t going to be able to do tonight’s show and I did. I woke up and I felt fine. I’m so relieved,” the British award-winning singer told her audience.

Despite the issue, she took her concert really seriously. She even took time to explain when a production mishap took place. She quickly defended her performance to make sure no one accuses her of miming. According to Just Jared, Adele was in the middling of performing “All I Ask,” when the sound completely went out.

The belter did not notice and continued singing. After she was done singing, she asked the crowd why they started cheering in the middle of the song. That was when she only found out about the mishap. She quickly defended herself.

“The sound went off? The PA f–king cut off? Well, it didn’t cut off in my ears, I could hear myself. So you guys had a private concert down in front. Tell them I wasn’t miming. They might think I was miming, I wasn’t miming. Every f–king show I sing live!” she exclaimed.

Coincidentally, when she performed “All I Ask” at the Grammy’s, the sound went haywire as well. Many assured her that they were confident she could really sing.

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