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Adele To Donald Trump: ‘Stop Using My Music’

Adele To Donald Trump: ‘Stop Using My Music’
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Adele To Donald Trump: ‘Stop Using My Music’

Adele has ordered U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump to stop using her songs in his campaign events. Trump has no permission.

Politicians running for a position tend to use music to keep a recall among voters. Automatically, these politicians would stick to “what’s trending” and “who’s popular.” But in U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump’s case, using Adele’s music was inappropriate, resulting to a disappointed Adele telling Trump to stop.

Donald Trump has reportedly been playing Adele’s song in several of his political commitments. In his campaign functions, Trump would repeatedly play the British singer’s hit “Rolling in the Deep” refrain. That “we could have had it all” lyrics is heard every time Trump is on cue to appear on stage. While Trump also played his idol’s “Skyfall” after delivering a certain speech for America. Apparently for the politician, the “when it crumbles, we will stand tall, face it all together” phrase sums up his campaign views.

Not for Adele.

Upon learning this campaign stint, Adele shared her thoughts about the issue through her spokesman. A source told Independent that Trump has no permission from Adele’s team to use her music for the campaign. In fact, the source confirmed, “Adele has not given permission for her music to be used for any political campaigning.”

Being an Adele fan still didn’t give Trump permission to use her songs. Donald Trump committed this use-songs-without-permission a lot of times with several other artists. He even had Steve Tyler order a cease-and-desist letter to his campaign committee to stop using his songs.

According to E!, Neil Young, musician and Bernie Sanders supporter, was also a “victim” of Trump’s campaign. It can be remembered that when the Republican front-runner announced his candidacy, he used Young’s famous song “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

On the other hand, a huge number of Adele’s fans are skipping their heartbeats, hoping that she isn’t backing Trump in his presidential track. Calm down, people. Adele is not supporting Trump; she’s not even a voter in the U.S. The Queen’s team wishes Trump and other politicians planning to do the same to stop and let the singer and her “babies” be.

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