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Adblock Wants You to Pay Publishers

Adblock Wants You to Pay Publishers
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Adblock Wants You to Pay Publishers

Adblock has introduced an unexpected new add on software for web browsers which changes the way we perceive advertisers online. For years, the company has helped online users to block annoying ads on any websites. Today, publishers are still working on new strategies to implement, so advertisements can survive in the internet if not thrive. Some news website also decided to take on a new approach of ‘One news read for ad blockers’ or no access to content if the ad blockers are on.

It seems like the tension that’s forcing websites to take action such as this led to the new Adblock Plus. For the new add on extension, the team has partnered with Flattr to allow internet users to pay for the websites that they visit regularly.

According to reports from TechCrunch, the new team up service is called Flattr Plus. The company reported that it has also invested an undisclosed amount in Flatrr and are working together in improving this new service as we speak.

The new Flattr Plus allows internet users to set aside a monthly budget of their desire and the software will automatically distribute the amount to the website the user visits or engages the most.

Over the years, Adblock has been an obstacle for every news websites that are currently in operation. There are high chances that major websites wouldn’t be ready to get on board with Adblock as they consider them as rivals. However, the company that aren’t willing to register their websites, their money donated by the users will not be held but they are planning on providing a transparent report on how much these websites could have earned.

It’s a no-brainer that Flatrr Plus is trying to get every mainstream websites on-board their new program. Their previous attempt with Adblock Plus to force publishers like Google, Amazon and Microsoft to go through a licensing fee structure to whitelist their services wasn’t taken lightly. As of now, the product is still in beta. The company is in discussion with a few mainstream websites on how they plan to share this budget. Once onboard, Flatrr Plus will prep up for their initial launch.

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