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Adam Of Manchester: Photos & Video Of Man Who Voted Leave & Regrets After

Adam Of Manchester: Photos & Video Of Man Who Voted Leave & Regrets After
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Adam Of Manchester: Photos & Video Of Man Who Voted Leave & Regrets After

Leave voters for the historical Brexit referendum should be celebrating by now because they have changed the world in just a matter of 24 hours. For Adam of Manchester, however, this was not the case. Though he voted leave, he now regretted it.

The world was shocked Friday as the United Kingdom is now independent from the European Union. As the world now comes to terms of the real economic and international relations repercussion of what just happened, they were shocked even more when a leave voter, apparently, did not really understand what voting for “leave” means.

A man, only known as Adam of Manchester, is now being condemned on social media. He was a guest during a BBC Live broadcast and was asked about his reaction after Brexit won.

Adam of Manchester said:  “I’m a bit shocked to be honest. I’m shocked that we voted for Leave, I didn’t think that was going to happen. I didn’t think my vote was going to matter too much because I thought we were just going to remain.”

“The David Cameron resignation has blown me away to be honest and the period of uncertainty that we’re going to be magnified now so yeah, I’m quite worried,” he said.

The netizens did not not let this pass:

Here is Adam of Manchester:

Adam of Manchester Brexit

Adam of Manchester Brexit

An elderly woman standing behind Adam of Manchester cannot hide her exasperation to what he was saying:

Adam of Manchester Brexit

Here is the video of his interview.

While people’s criticism focuses on Adam of Manchester, his reaction was not a special case after all.

There was also Mandy of Manchester who had the same reaction:

“Even though I voted to leave, this morning I woke up and I just — the reality did actually hit me,” Mandy of Manchester told the news channel ITV News.

She added: “If I had the opportunity to vote again, it would be to stay.”

Here is Mandy of Manchester:

Mandy o Manchester Brexit

Here is her interview:

Apparently, majority of the leave voters did not really comprehend what they were voting for for that day. Google saw significant uptick on searches for what EU means hours after the Brexit won according to data from Google Trends. Specifically searches for “what happens if we leave the EU tripled” even eight hours after the polls closed.

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