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Actress Daisy Ridley Tired Of Shooting ‘Star Wars’?

Actress Daisy Ridley Tired Of Shooting ‘Star Wars’?
Daisy Ridley Gage Skidmore/FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0


Actress Daisy Ridley Tired Of Shooting ‘Star Wars’?

“Star Wars” actress Daisy Ridley admitted that she often napped on the set of the film because she’s just tired. She also blamed the “green space bread” that she had to eat in the film because breads have a way of making her drowsy.

The British star boasted that she often napped in between the set of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” She cannot help it! Her suspect? The green “space bread,” which she had to eat most of the time, as reported by Daily Star.

She loved to eat so she was a bit excited that J.J Abrams asked her to spend the day eating the bread. However, breads have a weird effect on her.“I try not to eat bread because because it makes me very tired, but obviously I still crave it. But it makes me so sleepy,” she said.

In addition, she admitted that her workload made her feel tired. “I nap all the time anyway and I don’t need to be more tired than I usually am.” she said.

She said that the green “space bread” was delicious though. Doing the scene of her eating bread over and over again however made her feel full. When asked how she shed off the added weight bread gave her she said that she does a four hour workout in four days a week which was part of a training regime.

In the interview, she also revealed that she had a bad wrist which made it impossible for her to do press ups. Therefore, she sticks to treadmill, which for her, is a great way of showing strength. “I always feel really badass when I get off the treadmill. I feel powerful.”

In a report by the Business Insider, the actress has been busy working on her Jedi skills. She had posted a video on her Instagram that showed her doing wushu martial arts training using what looked like a practice lightsaber.

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