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Acid Attack Victim Debuts At New York Fashion Week

Acid Attack Victim Debuts At New York Fashion Week
Reshma Qureshi Vlog Youtube

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Acid Attack Victim Debuts At New York Fashion Week

Meet Reshma Qureshi. She’s not your “typical” runway model but her confidence radiates the catwalk.

Qureshi, 19, makes her debut at New York Fashion Week on Sept. 8. Her facial features will catch your attention.

She is an acid attack victim from Northern India.Sadly, the perpetrator was her brother-in-law and his friends. The attack happened in 2014, when the men held her down and spilled sulfuric acid on her face.

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The attack left her disfigured. She lost an eye and her face became almost unrecognizable.

But this incident did not dampen Qureshi’s dream. She started a beauty vlog and shared beauty and fashion tips to women.

Because of her confidence, determination and talent, she was commissioned to join the New York Fashion Week through fashion-show production company FTL Moda in partnership with Global Disability Inclusion, Fashion Week Online and Make Love Not Scars. The latter is an organization dedicated to helping acid attack victims.

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Qureshi wore an embroidered gown created by Indian designer Archana Kochhar. According to a story by TODAY, Qureshi wanted people to see acid attack victims are not “weak” and that they can do and perform things like others.

Joining the New York Fashion Week is a strong and bold move by Qureshi.

FTL Moda is a company that’s breaking barriers and tradition in the fashion industry. Last year, they featured Madeline Stuart, a model with Down Syndrome. Since then, Stuart had been a familiar name in the fashion world.

Qureshi maintains a vlog on YouTube. She chose this platform to engage more women like her to step out and do things they love and enjoy.

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