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This Aboriginal Australian’s Response To Racism Was Epic

This Aboriginal Australian’s Response To Racism Was Epic
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This Aboriginal Australian’s Response To Racism Was Epic

If you overheard a racist remark against your people, how do you react? Take a lesson from Jarred Wall.

While out for lunch, Wall, an aboriginal Australian, heard two elderly women talking about his community. He did not intend to listen, but he caught them talking and criticizing aboriginal Australians.

Wall called their discussion “less than distasteful.” Unpleasant remarks about the aboriginal community were thrown in the for everyone to hear. Since he was sitting close to their table, Wall heard every word and it was piercing his heart.

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How would you react in this situation?

Wall took the better path. Instead of arguing and backlashing towards the elderly women, he did the most civil and kindest way. He bought the elderly women a pot of tea and left a note: “Compliments of the two aboriginals sitting next to you on Table 26.”

Wall did not stay to see the reactions from the women. For one, he knew that the ladies were elderly and shouting at them would not do any good. He might even be viewed as disrespectful, which could taint his community, too.

While the words uttered by the women stung and cut deep, he returned their hate with a simple act of kindness.

Annette Vickery of the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service Co-operative noted that aboriginal discrimination runs deep in Australia, it is “invisible” but felt even in transportation systems and restaurants.

Wall ended his post with a #BlackLivesMatter. This hashtag is widely used in the United States to generate awareness of the rampant racism against Black Americans and minorities. The hashtag has gone global to address any issue related to racism and discrimination.

Wall hoped that his example could help turn the tide and make people realize that every person, regardless of color and race, is important and deserves respect.

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