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Aberdeen Gets Submerged In Torrential Rain Flood

Aberdeen Gets Submerged In Torrential Rain Flood
2015 Flood – Council Grove – 150610 usacetulsa / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Aberdeen Gets Submerged In Torrential Rain Flood

A heavy downpour of torrential rains flooded parts of Aberdeen on Tuesday afternoon, causing transportation chaos and pandemonium.

Among the affected roads included Polmuir Gardens, Jack’s Brae, Holburn Street, Anderson Drive, Market Street (south-bound between Virginia Street junction and Union Square turn-off), Hardgate, Portree Avenue, Froghall Road and Golf Road, The Scotsman reports. The flash floods also led to the collapse of one unidentified road, according to The Herald Scotsland. The city’s winter gardens at Duthie Park and the Maritime Museum were also forced to close up because of the floods.

The Aberdeen City Council rushed to provide sandbags that household and business owners can pick-up and use to protect their properties from the rising floodwaters.

The Scotsman states the city’s fire department received over 40 calls in a span of an hour and a half, asking for help or assistance from the floods. One call involved ensuring the safety of 30 children in a nursery.

A spokeswoman for Aberdeen City Council advised motorists to expect problems since there are several on-going flooding and roads issues the city is facing. Roads are likely to be affected for several hours.

The council warned motorists that several man-hole covers and gully covers were lifted by the floods, urging them to be cautious and alert driving through the waters.

The Aberdeen Airport tweeted the severe rainfall had flooded the terminal. “Our team is continuing to work hard clearing the terminal. Flights are currently running as normal and we will continue to update you,” the airport posted on Twitter.

The city council said the traffic lights at the Victoria Road/South Esplanade junction have failed. They are working around the clock to resolve the problem.

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