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Aaron Hernandez A Big Harry Potter Book Reader, Ex-Patriot Star’s Brother Spills The Bean

Aaron Hernandez A Big Harry Potter Book Reader, Ex-Patriot Star’s Brother Spills The Bean
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Aaron Hernandez A Big Harry Potter Book Reader, Ex-Patriot Star’s Brother Spills The Bean

Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots tight end who is presently serving a life term in jail for the murder of Odin Lloyd, spends time in jail reading Harry Potter books. The world’s favorite and beloved boy wizard seems to have captured the attention of even a fallen star.

According to Sports Illustrated, Jonathan Hernandez, Aaron Hernandez’ older brother said that the former NFL star now loves to read Harry Potter books and has read the entire series.

“Aaron probably never recommended a book in his life before he ended up here, but incarceration has turned him into a reader,” he said. “He has plowed through all the Harry Potter books.”

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Aaron Hernandez also likes to read the self-help book titled “The Secret” besides the Harry Potter books. However, it’s quite incredulous for a murder convict to be engrossed in the adventures of the teenage wizard.

The book features the struggle between the good and the evil, where the good finally triumphs over the evil. Certainly, the book pulls him out of the reality and transfers him to the magical world of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

It could be indeed difficult to believe that it is the same man who shot someone to death has keen interest in a book that stands for valor, honesty and friendship. He is facing trial for two more murders

“No. No, no, no. This cannot be allowed to happen,” wrote Jerry Thornton in his blog, Thornography. “You do not get to enjoy the adventures of the world’s most beloved boy wizard, Aaron Hernandez. That’s for decent, moral, non-murderers only.”

Hernandez’s conviction has not only ended in a life sentence for him but also marred his older brother’s reputation, who had nothing to do with the incident. Jonathan looked back on their family life and wondered what effect the death of his and Aaron Hernandez’ father had on the young football star.

“That’s the million-dollar question, how my father — if he was still alive, how everything would have changed,” Jonathan said in the story. “I think it would have been completely different. But I don’t know. That’s a fairy tale.”

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