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A New Mac Mini And Revitalized iPads In October?

A New Mac Mini And Revitalized iPads In October?


A New Mac Mini And Revitalized iPads In October?

A New Mac Mini And Revitalized iPads In OctoberAfter a hiatus of almost two years, it seems that the smallest member of Apple’s Mac family is finally getting its long-overdue update as rumors say that the Cupertino firm is gearing up to not only update the Mac Mini but it is said that Apple will introduce a brand new Mac Mini this October alongside its revitalized iPad lines.

Not as popular as other Mac devices, but still an integral of Apple’s computer line, the Mac Mini received very little attention this past year. In fact, the only news which came out a couple of months ago about the line was a report referencing a mid-2014 Mac Mini refresh but that too turned out to be a dud.

But as of this writing, it appears that the Mini will take center stage this October, together with its cousins, the new iPad Airs and iPad Minis expected to also be upgraded with specs similar to those powering Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (A8 processors and TouchID Fingerprint Sensors). Apple may also announce the release date of its desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite, during the said event.

As to what specs this rumored brand new Mac Mini will bring is anyone’s guess. Some reports say that the timing for this release is a bit off schedule as the new generation Broadwell processors are not due until 2015 and the present line of Haswell chips would be considered unfit for a brand new Mac Mini line as they have not been upgraded pending the release of the new Broadwell processors.

More popularly used as servers and not as powerful workstations, the Mac Mini may use the same Haswell processors which were released earlier this year to power the current line of MacBook Pros. If this will be the case, then Apple will be releasing a slew of Mac Minis powered by Macbook Pro Haswell processors which were released last July, 2014.

Virtually nothing is known about the aesthetics of the rumored Mac Mini but knowing Apple and the company’s penchant for exotic materials and design, fans of the Mini may be in for a big surprise when the Cupertino firm unveils its baby during its October affair.

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