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‘A’ From Pretty Little Liars Finally Revealed In Finale Episode

‘A’ From Pretty Little Liars Finally Revealed In Finale Episode
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‘A’ From Pretty Little Liars Finally Revealed In Finale Episode

It’s finally the time. The identity of “A” will be revealed in “Pretty Little Liars.” After six seasons, the show is going to reveal the villain in Tuesday’s finale episode.

As far as “Pretty Little Liars” finale spoilers go, the hoodie-loving, masked bad guy is none other than CeCe Drake. At the same time she is Charles Dilaurentis. The truth is shocking but mind-blowing.

The story of the finale is all about “A.” The girls and the viewers will get the answer why “A” was troubling the girls from season 1.

What The Creator Has To Say

Shay Mitchell, who stars in the finale episode, has described it to be the “Episode of Answers.” The series creator, Marlene King said, “You will find out who ‘A’ is toward the beginning of the episode and then the rest of the episode, it really is the story of ‘A.’”

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King said, “There are so many answers. It’s crazy,” and it really is. Who is Red Coat? Who killed Toby’s mother? Who killed Bethany? Who is the Black Widow? All these questions are going to be answered in the last episode.

At the end of the show the liars will leave Rosewood. This will be the stepping stone of the five-year jump that the show will have after the second part of the season commences.

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The liars will go on their separate ways and that will bring changes in their lives. Once they meet after five years, you will get to see more of them.

King said to Variety, “It’s going to be really neat to play closer to my age, be out of high school, be out of the classroom, and I think it’s going to be interesting because as our fans have grown now, so can we, and we’re going to match sort of where they’re at, which is really neat.”

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