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A Closer Look At The iPhones’ New Cameras (Still Images)

A Closer Look At The iPhones’ New Cameras (Still Images)


A Closer Look At The iPhones’ New Cameras (Still Images)

A Closer Look At The iPhones' New Cameras (Still Images)It’s been a couple of days since Apple released its new iPhones with a bevy of fresh features to the delight of Apple fans. One feature of the new iPhones though will definitely put a smile on the faces of photographers both newbie and professional alike: the new iSight cameras.

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus both feature what Apple dubbed Focus Pixel – a technology used in DSLR cameras – where they added paired focus detection points to facilitate phase detection autofocus. This simply means that the cameras compare the images captured by each detection points in the pair and if both images are exactly the same, then the sensor will register an image which is correctly focused. However, if the images gathered from each detection point differ, then the image processor does its magic by calculating the difference and makes the lens adjustment to produce a vivid image. Apple says that on the iPhone 6, this is done twice as fast when compared to the iPhone 5S.

With the new A8 processor under the hood of the new iPhone 6, Apple included an updated image processor with a hardware whose sole purpose is purpose is face detection. With is new addition, face detection is faster and ensures that everyone in the picture is happily facing the camera and smiling with their eyes open!

Though both iPhones offer enhanced image handling via image stabilization, this is where the two mobile handsets diverge. The iPhone 6 uses software-assisted manipulations by taking four images at once, each with extremely short exposure time in between. The image processor then combines these photos to produce a single improved image.

The iPhone 6 Plus on the other hand uses optical image stabilization and gets inputs from the device’s gyroscope and the M8 motion co-processors to make up for the user’s handshakes by adjusting the position of the floating lens and then applies the same software-assisted optimization of the iPhone 6 to give you unparalleled picture quality.

Apple also made great improvements in its camera’s panorama feature by upping the ante to 43-megapixels and dynamic auto exposures. Photo stitching becomes seamless with the new gyroscope in the iPhone 6 and its bigger brother, the iPhone 6 Plus.

All of these great stuffs for still images so just wait when we discuss how superb the new iPhones fare when it comes to images in motion – videos!

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