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A Closer Look At Microsoft HoloLens

A Closer Look At Microsoft HoloLens
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A Closer Look At Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft has allowed a closer look at the much-awaited Microsoft HoloLens, which will work like a holographic computer with crazy apps that will supplement several day-to-day activities and promote medical studies.

Details were given out during the Build developers conference.

The Microsoft Hololens was introduced in January during an event for Windows 10, but much was not revealed about the product. This time, though, Microsoft allowed hands-on previews. A special version of Windows will be compatible with the device.

Developers were given priority as they will be making apps for the device. The company has shown some ways of using the device. As of now, there are apps for weather and videos.

Microsoft HoloLens has its own dedicated CPU and GPU, allowing it to work as a self-contained computer. The holographic processing unit, HPU, helps in tracking the environment around you. It will provide a holographic image of whatever you are seeing and will track what you are doing with your hands.

Microsoft HoloLens can be quite effective in medical studies. Not only can you get a life-size holographic image of the human body, you can can also zoom in to each organ and have a closer look.

Microsoft has conveyed that the HoloLens is built for home and office use, as the design will not permit it to be worn outside the home.


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