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‘A Brave Heart’ Lizzie Velasquez: Everything To Know

‘A Brave Heart’ Lizzie Velasquez: Everything To Know
A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story Facebook


‘A Brave Heart’ Lizzie Velasquez: Everything To Know

The subject for the new Lifetime documentary is Lizzie Velasquez , “A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story”. The film was debuted in her hometown Austin, Texas at the South by Southwest film festival in 2015. It was debuted on 17th October on Lifetime.

According to Heavy, Sara Hirsh Bordo, the director of “A Brave Heart” in an interview, labelled Lizzie Velasquez as one of the “few unifying heroes” that the audience can look up to as the “champion to inspire and give a sense of hope.”

A Brave Heart” had picked up the ‘Audience Award’ and won acclaim at the SXSW 2015 on its debut.

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 According to Velasquez’ words to Fortune, she had approached Bordo and together both of them decided to work on the film. This was the first time that Bordo had made and completed a film.

When Velasquez was asked about her first reactions on seeing the film, she said, “I was speechless, crying, humbled and excited. It’s my biggest dream come true—that I never knew I had.”

Velasquez is a Texas State University graduate who weighs 63 pounds. Her birth was premature and her weight was less than 3 pound then.

She had a rare congenital disease since her birth, the condition of which prevents her to store body fat as according to Dr. Atul Chopra of Baylor College of Medicine, she does not have any adipose tissue which is needed for the body to store fat.

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 Velasquez,27, when she was a teenager came across a video on YouTube which termed her as the “World’s Ugliest Woman”. Instead of breaking down and retreating from society, she became an anti-bullying advocate and a motivational speaker.

This decision of hers led to her extremely popular TEDxAustinWomen talk in 2013. Velasquez’s 13 minute talk created a sensation and has over above 10.7 million views.

The author of three books, Lizzie Velasquez told Fortune, “Throughout the world, there are many people who are worse off than I am. You have to use the negativity in your life to change things. I used to just smile and brush my problems under the rug. But over time, that bubbles up and comes out. You are the biggest influencer in your life. You have to be strong for yourself first. You are the one who defines who you are.” Hence, the once “World’s Ugliest Woman” today will be seen fighting ‘bullying’ through her new documentary.

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