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A 27-Inch iMac With 5K Retina Display This October?

A 27-Inch iMac With 5K Retina Display This October?


A 27-Inch iMac With 5K Retina Display This October?

A 27-Inch iMac With 5K Retina Display This October?When Apple wants to go big, the company really goes all out and if the rumors are to be believed, we would be literally seeing a 27-inch iMac with a 5K (5120 x 2880) resolution this coming October during the Cupertino firm’s media event.

The presently existing iMacs have screen resolutions of 2560 x 1440 so Apple’s plan of introducing the 27-incher iMac with 5K will exactly double that. The rumor also mentioned that Apple’s desktop will continue to have the current-generation Haswell (Intel i7-4790K) processor crunching figures at 4.0 gigahertz clock speed. This may be so as the next-generation Broadwell processors are not yet ready for mass production and will only see the light of day by the first half 2015.

It is also said that Apple will be using AMD graphics this time to accelerate the rumored 5K screen instead of the Nvidia Graphics Processing Units (GPU) which are found in the current slew of iMacs. Reports are also claiming that the new iMacs will sport the recently finalized DisplayPort 1.3 standard and improved Wi-Fi Antenna.

Though the murmurings only point to the 27-incher to receive the 5K Retina update, there might still be a chance for the 21.5-inch iMac to also get its share of the Retina display upgrade once the new Intel  Broadwell processors are made available early next year.

The first of Apple’s Macs to receive the Retina display update was the 15-inch MacBook Pro which was released last June of 2012, followed by the 13-incher in the fall of the same year. If Apple does release the 27-inch iMac with the 5K Retina display come October, this would be another first for the Cupertino firm and could well usher in the era of Retina displays for ALL Apple products and devices.

With the higher resolution screens coming to the 27-inch iMacs, Apple is also rumored to be in the process of updating its softwares, particularly iMovie and Final Cut Pro, adding new tools and capabilities to edit in high-resolution. These newly updated softwares may come with the latest iteration of Apple’s desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite, which is expected to finally get a fixed release date and announced also during Apple’s October affair.

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