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9/11 Terrorist Attack: Donald Trump Earned Money From Deadly Bombings

9/11 Terrorist Attack: Donald Trump Earned Money From Deadly Bombings
Donald Trump speaking at a rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons cc


9/11 Terrorist Attack: Donald Trump Earned Money From Deadly Bombings

Donald Trump earned money in the wake of the September 11 attacks. This was according to Democratic Rep. Joseph Crowley from New York who said the Republican nominee “cashed in” on the attacks.

The root of the congressman’s criticism comes from reports that Trump received $150,000 in 9/11 Government Small Business Funds. The funds were a part of the government’s program to help small businesses recover from the attacks.

According to New York Daily News, Trump received them for “rent loss,” “cleanup” and “repair” for his business. The real estate mogul denied the accusations and claimed he received the money for helping people during the terrorist attacks.

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Rep. Crowley criticized the Republican presidential nominee for accepting the money which was intended for small business owners. This was despite saying days after the attacks that his properties weren’t affected.

Did Donald Trump Take Away Funds From Small Business Owners?

While there may be legal consequences to Donald Trump’s actions, the ethical backlash could be much more devastating. His platform hinges on portraying himself as the champion of the middle class and the American people.

You don’t have to be a business major to know that the Trump Organization is far from being a “small” business, even back in the early 2000s. Receiving money that could have been used by a small business owner to recover would not bode well for The Donald’s reputation.

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Politifact however sided with Trump and found Crowley’s claims to be misleading and was only half true. Trump indeed received the money for a building less than a mile from Ground Zero.

It was revealed that he was eligible to receive money from the government program. Even though Mr. Trump stated that none of his properties were affected by the attacks, he could have been talking only in a physical sense.

The attacks dealt a huge blow to the New York economy, which it has since recovered from. Hundreds of thousands of people visited the Twin Towers alone, the loss of which could have greatly affected business within its immediate vicinity.

Donald Trump and the Trump Organization is headquartered at the Trump Tower in New York City.

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