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911 Operator Coaches Woman On CPR To Save Husband’s Life

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911 Operator Coaches Woman On CPR To Save Husband’s Life

A 911 operator’s actions managed to help a woman bring her husband back to life.

“Theoretically, I was dead,” Detroit resident John Samuels Jr. recalled. The incident occurred on Christmas Day. Samuels and his wife Tanya had just returned home from church and decided to take a nap. That was when things went horribly wrong for the 59-year-old man.

Christmas Day Emergency

According to a report from M Live, Tanya first noticed her husband taking short breaths. At first, she didn’t think much of it. But when she decided to check on him, she realized something was not right. Tanya shook her husband and asked him if he was okay, but to no avail. Samuels had become unresponsive.

Tanya immediately called 911. She was able to talk to  dispatcher Raquel Mayo. Immediately, Mayo instructed Tanya to perform CPR on Samuels. “They convinced her to keep going. She dragged me off the couch to perform CPR,” Samuels said.

Tanya is actually trained to perform CPR, but she admitted that she was caught off-guard due to the stress of the whole ordeal. Nonetheless, Mayo refused to let her quit. “I wasn’t in a state of mind to think about doing it until [the operator] said this is what you have to do,” Tanya recalled.

Tanya continued to perform CPR until firefighters got to their place. They reportedly managed to arrive at the scene within 90 seconds. Helped arrived in time for Samuels, who was rushed to a hospital and was immediately given life-saving treatment. It did not take long for him to regain consciousness.

“Next thing I knew, I was in the hospital, wondering why I was there, why I couldn’t talk because of the ventilator, and why my arms were strapped,” Samuels explained. Upon waking up, Samuels’ first instinct was to reach for his wife’s hand, according to a report from Click On Detroit. “I remember holding her hand. I was OK.”

Meanwhile, Samuels and his wife are forever grateful that Mayo came and helped save Christmas for them.

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