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9/11 Conspiracy Theory: Confirmed, Twin Towers Collapse, An Inside Job

9/11 Conspiracy Theory: Confirmed, Twin Towers Collapse, An Inside Job
The World Trade Center Memorial Mike Steele CC BY 2.0

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9/11 Conspiracy Theory: Confirmed, Twin Towers Collapse, An Inside Job

Fifteen years after the tragic 9/11 attacks, many still believe that the destruction of the Worlds Trade Center was not caused by terrorists. The theory suggests that the impact of the planes was used as cover to secretly weaken the structural integrity of the buildings and cause them to collapse.

The attack served as a pretense to send troops into Afghanistan to destroy Al Qaeda. The resulting “War on Terror” culminated with the invasion of Iraq. This has been controversial move whose effects are still being felt today though the current chaos in the Middle East.

According to Express, the most persistent theory regarding involves bombs planted just before the attack took place. These were allegedly used to bring down the Twin Towers under the cover of the attacks. Extreme conspiracy theorists believe that a controlled detonation at ground caused the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

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9/11 An Inside Job?

One key part of this theory was the collapse of “Building 7” a third smaller tower several hours after the collapse of the Twin Towers. The refusal of the The National Institute of Standards and Technology to release the results of its investigation also arouses suspicion.

Another theory revolves around the melting of the metal girders that supported the towers. Images of Ground Zero show melted steel beams which reveal that they were played a crucial role in the collapse.

Official reports states that burning jet fuel from the planes cause the girders to melt. Conspiracy theorists however insist that such results can only be achieved if thermite was used.

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Thermite is a potent mixture of metal powder, fuel, and metal oxide. When activated produces extreme heat capable of melting thick steel. However it does seem too farfetched that a group would carry out such actions in the chaos of the attack.

Now, a new World Trade Center stands on Ground Zero symbolizing the resilience of the American people. 9/11 served as the turning point in where terrorism became a worldwide threat instead of just a nuisance.

Watch Donald Rumsfeld dodge September 11 conspiracy questions:

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