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This 9-Year-Old Boy Just Saved His Mother’s Life

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This 9-Year-Old Boy Just Saved His Mother’s Life

Kimberly Smith is one lucky woman. If it weren’t for her nine-year-old boy, she would have never woken up again.

Smith is a mother of two who gave birth to her youngest child recently. She started experiencing chest pains early March while she was caring for her newborn. As days went on, though, the symptoms kept getting worse.

“My baby, who’s only 7 pounds, was too heavy to hold against my chest. I thought I’d sleep it off while the kids were at school, but by the time my other son got home I had this crushing pain up against my chest,” she recalled. When her nine-year-old son Camdyn saw her, he knew something was not right.

Young boy refused to let mother nap to save her life.

Camdyn stayed by his mother’s side, determined to monitor her condition. When Smith told him she could use a nap, he wasn’t having it. “He sat next to me and didn’t want to leave my side. I said ‘I just need to nap’ and he said ‘I don’t think so,'” Smith told Inside Edition.

The reason for Camdyn’s worry is because something had happened to his P.E. teacher a week before. The teacher had once suffered from a blood clot. Later on, he told Camdyn to call 911 immediately whenever he saw someone holding his or her chest. This is why Camdyn was so insistent for his mother to seek medical help.

Smith then decided to call her doctor. She was asked to drop by immediately. “Him being persistent was the reason I decided to just go. I wanted to ease his worries,” Smith recalled.

The two made their way to a walk-in clinic. Once they got there, the physicians performed a blood test and EKG on Smith. Following this, the doctors decided to call an ambulance. It turns out Smith was suffering from pulmonary embolism. “They said had I taken a nap there was a good chance I wouldn’t have woken up,” Smith remarked.

After being diagnosed, Smith stayed in the hospital for seven days to recuperate. She is now on blood thinner medication. Smith believes her son is her hero. “He literally saved my life,” she remarked.

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