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This 8-Year Old Gave Food To A Homeless Man Then Reconnected Him With Family (Watch)

This 8-Year Old Gave Food To A Homeless Man Then Reconnected Him With Family (Watch)
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This 8-Year Old Gave Food To A Homeless Man Then Reconnected Him With Family (Watch)

Young Ella Scott is a small kid with a big heart. For her, making someone’s day is everything. In fact, she didn’t even mind giving away her own dinner plate when she saw a homeless a man outside a restaurant she was dining at with her dad.

“Can I just give him…?” That’s the question the adorable 8-year old asked her dad, Eddie Scott, after she looked outside and saw a homeless man seated on the bench. She was supposed to have steak and potatoes for dinner at the Lallapalooza Restaurant in Monterey, California. But upon seeing the man, Ella decided to give him her meal instead.

At her dad’s encouragement, young Ella got up and took her plate and utensils. She then made her way out of the restaurant towards the man on the bench. She offered him her food and the man accepted the plate gratefully.

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As Ella returned to her table, she watched the man eat a hearty meal from her seat looking every bit satisfied. Her dad tells her, “Ella, you’re amazing.”

Later on, Eddie said that he and his daughter have come to know the homeless man a little bit better. It turns out his name is David Salkowski and he is a military veteran. “He Served his country and suffers from PTSD,” Eddie explained in a Facebook post.

David is originally from Philadelphia and he left his home about six months ago. When Eddie posted a video of Ella’s good deed, it ended up getting viewed by none other than’s David’s sister, Roseanne Salkowski.

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According to a report from Today News, Roseanne called up Eddie upon seeing the video and said he hasn’t seen her brother in a long time. She cried throughout their conversation and said she is very much relieved to find out that Eddie is alright.

Now, Eddie is determined to united David with his sister. He is currently appealing to anyone who can help him make him happen.

As for Ella, you can be sure that she’s still touching lives one good deed at a time.

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