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7th Heaven Return Possible: Only If Stephen Collins Is Dead

7th Heaven Return Possible: Only If Stephen Collins Is Dead
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7th Heaven Return Possible: Only If Stephen Collins Is Dead

A 7th Heaven reunion is possible, but only if the it begins with Reverend Camden’s funeral, according to Catherine Hicks. Reverend Camden, played by Stephen Collins, has been Hicks’ onscreen husband during the show’s 11-year run.

“I don’t know,” she was quoted as saying by TMZ when asked about the possibility of a reunion special. “We’d have to open with Stephen’s coffin.”

The once beloved show now carries a stigma following Collin’s admission in December 2014 that he molested three female minors between 1973 and 1994.

“In 1973, there were two occasions when I exposed myself to this young woman. Several months later, she came to visit and stay with us, with my first wife and me. My wife had gone to sleep, and she and I were watching TV alone together … I knew that something unthinkably wrong had just happened that I couldn’t take back,” Collins said during the interview.

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He added that he has moved on and admitted that he is a flawed person, but it is the Church where he found peace.

“I’m a flawed person,” he said as quoted by the US Weekly. “In the church, it’s actually one of the things I love about the church… It’s really one of the main things about the Christian faith, is you know, Christ said in so many ways, ‘Bring me that… which about you is broken, bring it,’ and most people are broken in some way.”

According to Hicks, it now depends on the makers whether it will receive the “Fuller House” treatment.

She has also said that she is confident that the other cast members would also be interested in a reunion.

“It’s all up to networks and those types of things,” the TV Line quoted her as saying. “I think we’d all love to be together. … Maybe Eighth Heaven with a new boyfriend for Annie.”

The 7th Heaven cast including Hicks, Jessica Biel, Beverley Mitchell, Barry Watson and Mackenzie Rosman, except Collins, reunited in West Hollywood back in February.

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