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71 percent of Obama voters now regret it

71 percent of Obama voters now regret it


71 percent of Obama voters now regret it

71 percent of Obama voters now regret itIn a further sign Democrats are in trouble a recent poll by Economist reveals that a majority of Democrats and nearly three quarters of all Obama votes now regret their decision.

The poll, which the Washington Examiner reports was conducted over rumors about a third run for president by Mitt Romney in 2016, reveals that 71 percent of overall voters answered yes to the question “do you regret voting for Barack Obama.” While the numbers by themselves are startling, what is even more amazing is that a majority of Democrats have said they likewise regret their vote with 55 percent expressing buyer’s remorse.

A further breakdown of the numbers should give Democrats cause for concern going into the mid-term elections. While 61 percent of blacks said they have no regrets about voting for Obama, 80 percent of whites and a stunning 100 percent of Hispanics said they regret voting for the president.

While Democrats have attempted to portray the GOP as engaging in a war on women, it appears not to be working. While 61 percent of men regretted voting for Obama, women regret their vote in an even greater margin with 84 percent responding yes to the question.

The president has even caused the independent voters to turn on him with 71 percent saying they regret voting for his reelection.

While the president is not running for reelection, he could drag Democrats down in the midterm elections. Since the rollout of Obamacare last October, the news has been one bad story after another on areas ranging from the botched website rollout to people losing their insurance plans and doctors.

The challenge Democrats face is that Obamacare is an issue squarely owned by them since the legislation was passed only by some last minute arm-twisting and deals to persuade Democrats to vote for the bill. Ultimately, the bill was passed on a strictly party-line vote without a single Republican vote. This was the first time a major entitlement bill was passed without a single vote from the opposing party.

Additionally, the president has stirred up anger with his frequent use of executive orders to change the actual text of his signature healthcare law without congressional approval, frequently extending deadlines past election dates. While supporters of the law have applauded the moves, a growing number of individuals on both the left and right are beginning to become concerned over the expansive use of executive power. The problem is with the precedent Obama is setting there is nothing preventing a future president issuing similar orders to not implement portions of the law and then refusing to defend it in court.

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