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7-foot-tall Broc D. Brown: Facts About World’s Tallest Teenager From Michigan

7-foot-tall Broc D. Brown: Facts About World’s Tallest Teenager From Michigan
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7-foot-tall Broc D. Brown: Facts About World’s Tallest Teenager From Michigan

A Michigan teenager is as tall as 7 ft 8 ins – and he continues to grow taller.

Broc Brown is currently growing 6 inches taller a year. The 19-year-old was officially the world’s tallest teenager in the 18 and below classification.

Should Brown continue to grow at the expected rate, he could become taller than the world’s tallest man – a record held by Sultan Kosen, with a towering height of 8 ft 2 ins.

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Broc Brown: World’s tallest teenager diagnosed with rare disorder at age of five years

As reported by FOX News, Brown was diagnosed with a rare disorder, Sotos Syndrome, at the age of five years. Although his mother, Darci, was told the boy may not be able to survive beyond his teenage years, doctors now said Brown will have a normal life span.

However, as a result of the disorder Brown has had to suffer from learning difficulties, strain on his heart, curvature of the spine and narrowing of the spinal cord. He also suffers from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and intermittent explosive disorder.

Since he was born with one kidney, he cannot take painkillers to relieve his consistent back pain.

The Sotos Syndrome affects only one in 15,000 people.

Broc Brown was 7ft tall by high school

“I’d say Broc was around 5ft 2ins when he was in kindergarten,” Darci said. “When he got into middle school he was around 6ft tall and by high school he was 7ft tall – he could easily grow six inches in a year. It’s a genetic disorder and there’s nothing that can stop him from growing – I don’t know if he will ever stop.”

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As reported by the Daily Mail, Dr. Bradley Schaefer, an expert on the Sotos Syndrome, who Brown went to meet said while the boy will have to endure pain he “will now have a regular life span.”

Brown requires specially tailored clothes and shoes that fit his size. The community helped raise $10,000 for his clothes and shoes.

“It kind of feels like a big tennis racket has gone through my back,” Brown said. “I just wish the doctors could do something to help my pain.”

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