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7-Eleven Celebrates Free Slurpee Day 2017

7-Eleven Celebrates Free Slurpee Day 2017
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7-Eleven Celebrates Free Slurpee Day 2017

Slurpee fans better get ready, as 7-Eleven has announced that they would be giving away free Slurpees from 11am till 7pm. This is all part of a “holiday” known as free slurpee day, so fans of the brain freeze-inducing drink should go to their local 7-11 and give it a try. Considering how worldwide the convenience store is, it only makes sense for them to participate in this special day, no matter how silly “free slurpee day” sounds.

According to their Twitter, the convenience store will be giving away a free Small Surprise, so that should be an interesting drink for fans. Fans of the drink should check out their nearest 7-Eleven and see if their branch is participating, or if the machine is still working. One fan on Twitter pointed out that the 7-Eleven near their area has a broken slurpee machine, which is really bad timing.

One fan on Twitter named Allie wasn’t able to get a drink due to a broken slurpee machine, which the 7-Eleven Twitter account wasn’t pleased with. The account asked for more details and it looks like they will attempt to get things sorted out for the special day, since no one should miss out on it. It’s a fun day for fans of the drink, so it’s good to see the company attempt to help out everyone.

The store turns 90 according to CNBC, with free slurpee day happening every July 11, which is 7/11 numerically. It’s a shame that some of the stores are suffering from slurpee mishaps, but this was somewhat expected since people love free things, especially drinks. Here is hoping that we get another one next year, since the drink is a tasty one.

Go to 7-Eleven for your free Small Surprise. The promo runs from 11am till 7pm, so take advantage of the promo while you can.

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