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‘7 Days To Die’ Releases For PS4 & Xbox One, New Multiplayer Modes Teased, Crafting & More

‘7 Days To Die’ Releases For PS4 & Xbox One, New Multiplayer Modes Teased, Crafting & More
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‘7 Days To Die’ Releases For PS4 & Xbox One, New Multiplayer Modes Teased, Crafting & More

While most gamers are excited about horror titles like Resident Evil 7, the recent announcement by Telltale Games, 7 Days to Die, is sending console fans running to retail stores.

As of today, Telltale Games’ 7 Days to Die is available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is currently priced at $29.99 in Amazon for both consoles. The video game was initially release for PC three years ago. But the massive response of over 1.5 million Windows users led developers to re-release it for current-gen consoles.

According to Bloody Disgusting, the game has been released with add-on features like split-screen co-op and a new community event called “Blood Moon.” Windows users can also purchase the game from Steam for a considerably reduced price of $9.99, thanks to the summer sale. Moreover, developers have guaranteed more multiplayer modes to be available via digital updates in the future.

Current reports are suggesting that 7 Days to Die is receiving lots of negative feedback from gamers due to glitches and issues. The developers are extensively working on fixing the issues, but the local co-op feature is reportedly unfixed. Gamers facing other performance issues can report their problems here.

In other news, Telltale Games will soon be releasing its next title, Batman: A Telltale Series. The video game will be available in episodic formats like its previous title, The Walking Dead. You can take a look at the game’s screenshots by clicking here.

Going past 7 Days to Die’s current technical issues, Xbox One users can take a look at its gameplay below. The 90-minute footage shows the players crafting elements, building houses for protection, and shooting zombies.

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