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600-800 Animals Horribly Abused! Puppies Chained, Pigs Eat Trash, Cows Coiled In Barbed Wire

600-800 Animals Horribly Abused! Puppies Chained, Pigs Eat Trash, Cows Coiled In Barbed Wire
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600-800 Animals Horribly Abused! Puppies Chained, Pigs Eat Trash, Cows Coiled In Barbed Wire

On Tuesday night, police discovered hundreds of dead and injured animals in a 70-acre property.

Investigators from Westport and other towns carried out a property search on Wednesday. The property is located off Rt. 177, known as the American Legion Highway.

According to WPRI, the investigation is expected to last for several days. Officials raided the place with a search warrant and found the animals in the wooded property.

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The raid took place after a neighbor complained last week that there were two Rottweiler dogs who escaped. The dogs lived on the property and had eaten the neighbor’s goats.

Police came across hundreds of animals on Tuesday, along with makeshift cabins, illegal stoves and burning trash. Many of these animals were either dead or in deplorable conditions.

“It looks like a Third World country,” said the public information officer for the Westport Police department, Detective Jeff Majewski.

“Many of the animals we have come across are in awful, deplorable conditions.”

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According to the official Facebook page of Dartmouth Police Department, the situation made a disturbing sense of déjà vu for Majewski.

It was six years ago when police discovered dead and diseased animals, illegal trash dumping, and abandoned cars on the same property. Back then, a three-day search warrant was authorized, and Detective Majewski charged 10 of the 20 renters on the site.

Majewski said it sickens him that people from outside Westport bring in tortured pets. He said that these people do not care for the environment and burn their household trash.

“This is an unmonitored business in the ‘game of animals,'” he said.

Police uncovered a dog tied on a small chain, as well dogs amid clamshells and broken glass. Police also said they found three goats suffering so badly they had to be euthanized.

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