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6-Year-Old Boy Praised For Returning $2,000

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6-Year-Old Boy Praised For Returning $2,000

One boy is now being praised after returning $2,000 in cash that he found unexpectedly.

Arlington boy Jasper Dopman had been walking around with his father Erik when the six-year-old noticed something. It was a cloth bag on the ground just near a school. It turns out the bag contained cash and deposit slips. Immediately, Jasper pointed the bag out to his dad. Seeing this, Erik decided to call Arlington Police to report the missing money right away.

Police found that the bag with money came from a restaurant in the city.

According to the Arlington Police Department, the bag came from a local bank. Moreover, their investigation found that the bank bag belonged to a family-owned restaurant owned by Tenoch Mexican Food Corp. Guadalupe Alvarez, the company’s employee, said she had lost the bank bag earlier.

Arlington Police chief praised father and son for their actions.

Learning of Jasper’s actions, the Arlington Police Department couldn’t help but praise the young boy for his honest act. ” This situation shows the very definition of good citizenship. Jasper and his dad, Erik, demonstrated what it means to be part of a community by returning missing money to its rightful owner,” Arlington Police Chief Fred Ryan said in a statement.

Jasper and his dad received citizenship awards and gifts from the restaurant.

“It is hard to imagine the panic and fear that sets in when someone loses a large amount of money for their employer,” Chief Ryan explained. Both Jasper and his dad received Outstanding Citizen Awards from the Arlington Police Department for their actions. “Jasper and Erik did the right thing, and I commend their actions in returning the missing money,” Chief Ryan further said. The two received their awards when they visited the department on April 27. They also met Alvarez and restaurant owner Alvaro Sandoval.

According to a report from the Associated Press, both Jasper and Erik also received gifts from Sandoval’s restaurant. It turns out Jasper goes to the same school where Sandoval is also studying. Perhaps, it would be the start of a new friendship.

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