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6 Tricks for Microsoft Windows 10: Better Lumia Experience

6 Tricks for Microsoft Windows 10: Better Lumia Experience via Compfight cc


6 Tricks for Microsoft Windows 10: Better Lumia Experience

The Microsoft Build 2016 conference, which started on March 30, witnessed the release of several products that significantly contribute to a smoother Windows experience. A host of new features were launched at the Build conference to Lumia smartphones. Here, we bring you the six new features rolled out to Windows 10 in Lumia devices.

  1. Windows 10 running on Lumia devices got a revamped look with its revised user interface. This lets you navigate through the screen easily and without any hassle. So, even a novice can interact with new features like a detailed notification menu, a revised alarm app, new keyboard and new context menus with ease.

The keyboard feature, in particular, is highly suitable for those who use Lumia phablets. In addition, with the new keyboard you can position the features wherever you want on the screen of your Lumia device.

  1. Earlier versions of Windows 10 had bug issues in Skype, as claimed by users. But with changes to the latest OS, the Skype issues have been fixed and the apps function smoothly without any deterrence.
  1. For those who hate typing will love the new changes to the Windows 10 keyboard on their Lumia devices. You will require only a few swipes that will let you access your email. Use the cursor controller to position your cursor near the desired text.
  1. Internet Explorer is no more. The new windows 10 operating system introduced a new browser called Microsoft Edge at the Build event. It offers new features like an address bar and search box, tabbed browsing, a search grab tool, and different doodles for your handset.
  1. With the Continumm feature on your Lumia device, you can activate a second screen – a TV or computer. Connect your phone with a keyboard or a mouse and you can turn your Lumia handset into a mini TV, reports Neurogadget.
  1. The new Windows 10 allows you to set up any type of screen on your Lumia device as you prefer. The software allows you to manipulate the color of the tiles and also change its brightness level.

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