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6 Instagram Tricks You May Not Know

6 Instagram Tricks You May Not Know
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6 Instagram Tricks You May Not Know

Instagram is a hugely popular app that gained popularity when acquired by Facebook in April, 2012, for a whooping price of $1 billion in cash and stock. Currently, the user base is almost 400 million, and it is still growing.

Downloading the app is easy from Google Play and iTunes App Store. Whether you are a regular user on Instagram or a beginner, there are a few tricks that you may not know until now.

  • A complete profile is needed to enhance your visibility and popularity. Start with adding a photo by adding a new one or importing from your phone’s photo library, Twitter or Facebook.
  • Write in details about yourself, use your real name or pseudonym, fill in your bio, add link to external website and change your Instagram handle. Also, find people to follow so that they can notice your profile.
  • Use popular hashtags. Adding hashtags serves as an excellent way of getting new followers and also sharing photos with more people. Selecting the right hashtag helps to connect with people having similar interests like you on Instagram. Using wrong hashtags may turn away followers, since they are not trending, according to Digital Trends.
  • Perfecting Instagram photos with a good selection of editing tools and filters can take your profile to the next level. Overlay a filter on any poorly shot photo and change into something creative by adjusting perspective, adding warmth and saturation, changing contrast and brightness and manipulating colors.
  • Always mention other Instagrammers and type @ in front of their username. Using the sign will help your friends receive notification in their activity feed. The process will help your friends know that you mentioned them.
  • Link Instagram app with your Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and Twitter accounts. Go to Profile Tab-Linked Accounts-Share Settings, and then select those accounts you want to connect. The process will offer option to you which photos you want to share on other social networking sites.
  • Instagram has found a new way to optimize feeds by letting you arrange posts according to priority. By using this feature you can boost the use of the app. With its use you can arrange photos and videos as posted by friends and others according to your interest in the content and even on the relationship you share with the person.

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