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6 Facts You Must Know About ‘YouTube Red’

6 Facts You Must Know About ‘YouTube Red’
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6 Facts You Must Know About ‘YouTube Red’

YouTube’s paid subscription service is here. Viewers are now promised an uninterrupted, enhanced video viewing experience.

YouTube’s paid subscription service is here. Viewers are now promised an uninterrupted, enhanced video viewing experience. Does YouTube intend to keep it restricted by offering ad-free content in exchange of money to its viewers ? Or is there more to “YouTube Red?”

Initially, YouTube will be offering ad-free content to paid subscribers, but experts say that special, exclusive content is next. That makes sense, as there would not be many people interested in opting for a paid service just to skip ads of few seconds, especially when 90% of them come with “skip ad” option.

Content creators will get paid

Not just content viewers, but content creators, too, will benefit from YouTube Red. How? YouTube will share the revenue earned from the actual views with the creators. The exact amount has not been made clear, but if we believe what the company says then content creators will be getting a majority of the revenue earned.

Media giants may suffer for not being a part of YouTube Red

YouTube may eliminate content from channels of major media giants who do not participate in YouTube Red. The New York Times in one of its articles wrote, “The executives said YouTube had implied that if they didn’t provide content for subscribers, there was a chance their ad-supported content would not be available on YouTube in the United States.”

Watch content ad-free, watch content offline

Ad-free content is just part of the paid subscription service. Along with it, the subscribers will also get to save videos so that they can watch them offline. Once you subscribe to the service, you will be able to enjoy it from the device of your choice – laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. It can also be enjoyed from wherever you are. All you need to do is sign in your YouTube account.

iOS users will have to pay $12.99

Bad news, iOS users! Apple takes 30 percent of all the subscription revenue generated from its platform. This time, Google wants users to directly pay it to Apple. So where Android, desktop and mobile users are charged $9.99 per month; iOS users will have to pay $12.99/month.

Subscription will cover YouTube Music as well

YouTube says that the $9.99 subscription will cover YouTube, YouTube Kids, YouTube Gaming and the recently announced YouTube Music.

Major media companies are a part of YouTube Red

Companies like 21st Century Fox, Time Warner and NBCUniversal are already part of YouTube Red as well as ad-supported YouTube service. In times to come, these companies will receive 55% revenue earned from premium subscriptions.

Viewers in the U.S. will be able to try YouTube Red on October 28 for free with a one-month trial.

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