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500 Million Yahoo Data Hacked: How To Keep Your Account Protected

500 Million Yahoo Data Hacked: How To Keep Your Account Protected
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500 Million Yahoo Data Hacked: How To Keep Your Account Protected

Your Yahoo account is not safe anymore! Find out how to secure your personal information from hackers ASAP!

When Yahoo was hacked back in 2014, more than 500 million accounts were affected and sensitive information was leaked that was on the verge of creating a global crisis!

A federal investigation has since been going on which has only recently revealed that changing one’s password is not optional anymore. It has become a necessity if you want to take no risks and prevent your account from being targetted by hackers in the future.

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When the hackers had attacked Yahoo back in 2014, they had accessed account info such as names, email ids, alternate email addresses, passwords, answers to security questions, date of births etc.

Since some of them cannot be altered such as names, alternate email ids, and date of births, the least one can do is change one’s password and if possible, the security question, reports Chron.

Here are two ways in which you can change your password:

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Method #1

Go to your Yahoo Account Information page. Yahoo is suspicious of anyone trying to change their password if they have never done it before or are doing it after a long time.

To verify that it is really the account holder who is changing the password, Yahoo sends a text to the mobile number that you provided on your account.

Do not panic. This is standard procedure. You can go back to the account information page by selecting the menu icon on your mobile browser and then clicking on “Account Security”.

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Then you need to click on “Change Password” and type in your new password. Make sure it’s a strong one with alphanumeric characters. After you are finished, click on continue.

If you have further queries about the process of changing your password, you can visit this link.

Method #2

There is a much easier method of changing one’s password, if one happens to chance upon it, that is.

When you first log into Yahoo and encounter a prompt giving you the option to change your password and mobile number in order to secure your account, choose “Yes, secure my account” instead of “I’ll secure my account later”.

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Automatically the page for changing your password will open and you just need to type in your new password and retype it again in the space titled “Confirm Password”. Then hit “Continue”.

Next, you will be directed to the page where you will be asked to change your existing mobile number and alternate email address. If you wish I make any changes you can but most prefer to leave them as it is.

After you are done, just click on “Looks Good” and that’s it!

According to Heavy, it is also wise to use a password manager app like LastPass and KeePass to help you maintain separate passwords for all your different email and other online accounts.

This way, if one gets attacked and its password gets exposed to some third party, all your other accounts will remain safe.

For the latest Yahoo News please stay tuned in to this site.

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