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5 Things Spotted In Justice League Teaser Trailer

5 Things Spotted In Justice League Teaser Trailer
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5 Things Spotted In Justice League Teaser Trailer

Warner Bros. revealed its initial exclusive footage from Justice League movie at their San Diego Comic-Con panel. The teaser trailer was also released publicly on Zack Snyder’s Twitter account.

The 2:45 minute footage was certainly overwhelming. But most of the fans ignored important details unveiled in certain scenes from the video. Here’s the breakdown analysis of the teaser trailer.

The Flash & His Version Of Suit

The Flash seems to be an adaptation from DC’s Justice League animated series. Unlike the TV series character, DCEU has portrayed him as a fun & humorous fictional superhero.

In the trailer, an important detail was spotted at 1:26. On the right side, Barry Allen’s speedster suit was revealed. His shoe seems to be a separated from his metal armor. Moreover, it’s the initial costume developed by Allen himself.

Batman & Flying Fox

Ben Affleck’s version of the Dark Knight in Batman v Superman was certainly hard to judge. However, his looks in the teaser trailer makes it evident that the Oscar winner actor is the best Bruce Wayne ever chosen in DC Universe.

The trailer also gives us a glimpse at Batman’s Flying Fox at 2:10. In an earlier report we were able to confirm that the vehicle was a mobile command center for the League to rendezvous or transport.

Mother Box & Parademons

At 0:28, the footage gives us the first look at the Mother Box. The device is considered to be a super computer that can create portals for teleportation (Boom tubes). While it is also known for other abilities as well, its true capabilities is unknown even by the users.

Judging the scene, it looks like the device has been on earth from an early age. It also hints that the Parademons have also been present for a long time.

The underground scenes shown in the trailer could be instances when Wonder Woman fights off the Parademon and The Flash dodging a laser beam from it. It’s possible that the Parademon is in search of the Mother Box during the instance.

Cyborg Replacing Green Lantern?

At 2: 23, Cyborg tells Batman, “I heard about you, didn’t think you were real.” A similar dialogue from The New 52: Justice League volume 1 when Green Lantern says, “Batman? You’re REAL?” While fans still don’t know if Hal Jordon is present in the movie, it looks like DCEU plans on replacing him with Cyborg for now.

Arthur Curry As Aquaman

While the teaser trailer barely gave us a glimpse at Aquaman, fans got to see a version of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry. Furthermore, fans who watched DC’s animated feature film Justice League: Throne of Atlantis can find a similarity in the character portrayal.

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