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5 Rumored Features Of Microsoft Surface Pro 5

5 Rumored Features Of Microsoft Surface Pro 5
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5 Rumored Features Of Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Not much details is known about the next iteration of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. But from a few reports, the new Surface Pro 5 could release as early as July. The tablet may also be accompanied by the next generation of Surface Book that will carry the latest Windows 10 OS, called the Redstone.

Based upon reports collected so far, let us give you a preview of the specs and features of the Surface Pro 5. It is expected that the device will come to the market officially during July.

4K Display Screen

Keeping the 12.3-inch display size and 2736×1824 pixels resolutions in the Surface Pro 4 in mind, the upcoming tablet will carry an enhanced 4K display resolution.

Type Cover

The Redmond tech giant, recently, introduced a “Signature” style Type Cover for the Surface Pro 4. The Inquisitr reports that the Surface Pro 5 will also feature an improved Type Cover that will render a luxurious look to it and enable users prop it on their laps while lying down or sitting.

Intel Kaby Lake Processor

According to rumors, the Surface Pro 5 will be powered by Intel’s 7th generation of Kaby Lake processor, instead of Skylake chipset which was found in its predecessor. This means that the hybrid device will run on an amazing battery, fuelled by the processor.

Rechargeable Surface Pen

In a recently published patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Microsoft has plans to introduce a rechargeable Surface Pen and Surface Dock. As was written by Microsoft, “A charging circuit within the stylus may provide charging current for recharging the battery.” Schematic drawings reveal a charging terminal, a stylus with on/off button and an indicator light.

Fingerprint sensor

We noticed a fingerprint sensor accompanied by the Type Cover that came with the Surface Pro 4, the BitBag notes that the Surface Pro 5 may include the fingerprint scanner onboard.

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