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5 Australian Teens Arrested For Planning ISIS-inspired Attack

5 Australian Teens Arrested For Planning ISIS-inspired Attack
ANZAC Day Parade 2013 Hasitha Tudugalle/Flickr CC BY 2.0


5 Australian Teens Arrested For Planning ISIS-inspired Attack

It took around 200 Australian policemen to arrest five teens who were planning to execute an ISIS-inspired terrorist attack. According to the record, all five men are aged between 18 and 19.

The five were arrested on Saturday in Melbourne. According to sources, they were planning their attack on April 25, Anzac Day, an event to honor veterans of World War I.

Australian Federal Police Acting Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan mentioned that the attack was meant for police officers. Prime Minister Tony Abbott asked Australians to be part of the event despite the threat.

The raid was conducted by more than 200 police officers in the early hours of Saturday. The teens were connected to Numan Haider, an 18-year-old man who stabbed two Melbourne cops in September 2014. He was later shot and killed.

Two of the five accused are booked for conspiring for the assault, while one was accused with weapon charges. The other two suspects are now in custody, and they are helping the police with the investigation.

According to police, the attack would have been organized with sharp weapons and may have followed ISIS-inspired patterns, where beheading of hostages are common.

Michael Phelan, federal police deputy commissioner, said, “These types of attacks that are planned are very rudimentary and simple.”

He added, “All you need these days is a knife, a flag and a camera and one can commit a terrorist act.”

The youth’s links with ISIS are becoming common these days, with the Islamic state encouraging people all over to the world to carry out attacks. The news of Australian teens arrested proves this fact.

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