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4th Of July Weather: Forecast For Independence Day

4th Of July Weather: Forecast For Independence Day

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4th Of July Weather: Forecast For Independence Day

Storms are expected in parts of Midwest, Southeast and mid Atlantic on the Fourth of July, which could potentially disrupt outdoor plans.

On the other hand, the West will be affected by heat and high temperatures.

The Northeast could experience dry weather and have above seasonal averages.

As reported by, the region from the Midwest into the central Appalachians and mid Atlantic could be impacted by heavy rain. The Fourth of July celebrations could be significantly impacted in cities and towns across central Indiana, which are deciding whether they should delay the events they have planned.

As reported by FOX59, some of the events that have been either postponed or cancelled include:

  1. Beech Grove’s July 3 fireworks, scheduled for 4 p.m. until 11 p.m., have been delayed because of possible flooding.
  2. Fireworks and Independence Day celebrations, originally planned for Sunday, in the town of Whitestown have been postponed to July 8 due to weather related difficulties.
  3. The Franklin Firecracker Festival has been postponed as a result of a flash flood watch issued by the National Weather Service and 100 percent chance of rain in the evening into the night.
  4. Fireworks and celebrations hosted by the Indiana Grand Racing and Casino have been postponed. They will now take place on July 9 starting at 6 p.m.
  5. The Southport July 4 parade and Festival, originally to be held on Monday, has been cancelled because of the weather.

The Northeast and Midwest could experience temperatures in the 70s and 80s. The temperatures in the Southeast, meanwhile, could reach as high as the 90s. The Plains could see temperatures flaring to 80s and 90s, with Texas experiencing in the 100s. Majority of the West will see temperatures rising to the 90s, and the Desert Southwest will experience the 100s. The coast and high altitudes could experience temperatures in the 70s.

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